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Joker is Truly Amazing

A dark and gritty re imagining of Jokers origin

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Autism and a love for Superheroes

Join me in my love of Superheroes. Where I explain how my Autism helps fuel my passion for the genre.

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Autism and a love for space

This blog is where I usually review Film and TV shows. So I thought that this year I will be giving you a personal view of what I enjoy doing besides watching films and TV. This series of intermittent blog... Continue Reading →

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Drastic changes to Fear The Walking Dead leads to an interesting story

A solid new beginning for an already good show.

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Autism and a love of everything Film and TV

As you can probably tell I love Film and Television, but however I'm sure that you did not know that I have high functioning Autism which according to the image above puts me at level 1. For everyone who doesn't... Continue Reading →

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